AL’s dream

I live in a post-​soviet block of flats which is surrounded by the jungle of the same like mine blocks of flats. There are endless fields of those in my neighbourhood.

Last night I had a dream. Near my block of flats on the empty space where grass was growing appeared one flat taken out from the block, at least it looked like that. I entered this flat and met there a guy who is known to you as AL. AL was sitting there behing the plain wooden table and he was looking at me without any emotion. All AL said in my dream was:
– Your life is an illusion. A meaningless illusion. You can go now. Oh, and by the way. All is said and done.
I didn’t understand him. I tried to open the window in this flat and it appeared that its been made of carton. It was so light.
Later I came back home. I talked with my girlfriend, we even had a little argument, I played with my son. The next day I came to work. I talked with people.

But I still couldn’t stop asking myself the same question: What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with my life?
Suddenly I realized I was dead. Simply dead. And all those interactions were only my imagination. Nobody even saw me nor heard me.
And I woke up.

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